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Vacation Packages

How to Nail Family Weekend Getaways

Sometimes what a family really needs is a surprise trip to an exotic or exciting location for a long weekend. It’s a great way to break everyone out of funk, charm your significant other and make the kids really happy.


One of the best ways to do this, especially on a budget, is to buy a vacation package and just go with the flow. These packages often have a catch, like making you sit through an annoying presentation for an hour or so—or presenting activities that are not very good or interesting—but if it allows for family weekend getaways at a low price, this sacrifice is more than worth it. Also, going to a place that has something for the kids and something for you and your spouse is key, so selection of where the getaway is to is a critical component.


So keep the secret and research wisely before surprising the family with a long weekend trip somewhere fun.

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