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What's the average age of guests at Wave Soul Retreats?  We had guests from 18 to 55 years old but commonly people who book with us are between 25 and 35.

Is it OK if I come to Wave Soul by myself? Of course! Solo travelers find this trip perfect as they have everything organized to have fun, learn kiteboarding or surfing and leave with a bunch of new friends.

What are the benefits that I can expect from my kite, surf and yoga holiday? Results on your week in paradise may include: increased energy, strength and flexibility, weight loss, improved concentration, motivation. improved mood, increase self confidence, excess of happiness.

What is the weather like in Cabarete? Sunshine with occasional showers all year round. We had odd years like 2016 were the rains were more than normal but this was empowered by "la niña" climate effect. In the summer months June to August it can get quite hot in the middle of the day reaching up to 38ºC but also these are the most windy months of the year so you will be grateful for that cooling breeze.  During winter months the temperature is perfect 24 to 26 ºC. We recommend good sun protection though as we are quite close to the equator.

Do I need to be strong and fit to learn kiteboarding or surfing? 

These are mainly technical sports which require more concentration than strength. Being fit can help but shouldn't be determinant in your decision of learning the sport. We had students from 8 to 69  years old and they have learnt and enjoyed as everyone else. It´s necessary though to know how to swim.

Do I need to have some previous experience on Kiteboarding or Surfing to be able to enjoy a week at Wave Soul Retreats? Not at all. We have already taught hundreds of people from zero. We promote a comfortable environment where every student learns and progress on his own time. You will have a lot of fun and notice the huge progress throughout the days.

Is Wave Soul Retreats for beginners? No. We promote kiteboarding and surfing for all levels and skills as our instructors are trained to teach beginners as well as advanced riders.

Is Kiteboarding a dangerous sport?

No. Kiteboarding is not a dangerous sport, if you learn it with a Certified Kiteboarding Instructor and you follow the basic safety rules.

The Kitesurf industry have grown and improved to the point that nowadays all the security systems and equipment has been developed and produced to make Kiteboarding easy, safe and user friendly!

How long does it take to learn kitesurfing? 

We recommend to being able on start enjoying this sport in taking from 9 to 18 hours split in different days in order to get a gradual and solid progression and the necessary rest and recovery between each learning step.

What is the IKO? Am I going to get certificated? 

The IKO is the International Kiteboarding Organization - an independent and global organization dedicated to developing and promoting safe kiteboarding worldwide - funded in November 2001. At the end of every Kiteboarding Trip you will receive your own IKO Certification Card which validates you have actually reached a certain kiteboarding level.

I am an advanced yogi - will I be challenged? Absolutely yes! We pride ourselves in creating an in depth yoga practice for all of our students. It is important for us to know prior to your arrival what is your previous experience so our instructor can prepare the lessons to satisfy your goals.

What style of yoga will we be practicing?  Vinyasa Flow. 

Do I need a yoga mat? You do not need to bring a mat, as we have mats here for free use, however if you have a favorite, well loved mat that you feel makes your practice better, we do recommend you bring it along.

Is the food only vegetarian? Our meals are all organic but they can include both meat and fish. We promote healthy and mindfull eating on our holidays without deprivation. We have options for vegans, vegetarians, gluten and lactose free diets. Please let us know of any dietary restrictions you might have when you are booking a retreat so we can be adequately prepared.

Can I drink alcohol? Of course you can drink alcohol. This is a normal vacation but focused on learning or improving kite or surf and with a plus of yoga lesson and pampering spa to make you feel happy and relaxed.

What should I pack? We recommend packing mostly light, summery clothing. shorts, lots of bathing suits, light color tops and relaxed dresses. Hats are great for sun protection, and if you’re planning on kite boarding, bring a strap for your sunglasses and a rash-guard to protect you from the midday sun. For beginner women surfers we recommend lycra leggings. The vibe in town is pretty laid back, so theres not much sense in bringing fancy clothing or heels. Light makeup or no makeup is best with the heat, and don’t forget to pack lots of SPF and mosquito repellent. Most guests find they pack way more than they end up using, so do your best to pack light. LEAVE YOUR WETSUIT AT HOME!

What is the best time of the year to visit Cabarete? The entire year is lovely – and it depends what your coming for! In the summer, the temperatures are hotter but the winds are very consistent and great for kiting. In the fall, we get a bit more rain but that keeps the temperature down and there are less crowds, so its better for those who are looking to relax – its also the best season for quality surf. The winter has the most comfortable temperatures, but that also means there are the most crowds. For partiers this is a great sign, but if you’re more of a mellow character it might be better to think about coming at the end of the winter season.


Can I bring my own group? Please do! We love to host yoga, surf and kite camps or retreats by helping organizing accommodation, food, transport and anything you may need!. We can work with you to turn your vacation dreams into reality, and with us in charge of the logistics and operations, you’ll be free to enjoy your time here, deepen your practice and relax in tropical paradise! 

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