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There's nothing more important for kiting than knowing all the safety rules and so be able to fly the kite well enough before entering the water. Most people are anxious to step into the ocean but if you have never taken kite lessons before be patient because your first lesson will be on land. You will learn how to quick release and eject the kite, how it works, how to set up the gear properly and how to fly a kite correctly. Also about low and high tides, storms, wind direction and wind shadows. It is important that you never forget to respect it and know how to react in adverse situations. Be conscious and responsible with your kite and the ocean will guarantee you a great time without accidents.

On your second day you will finally enter the water to practice every exercise you have learnt the day before on land. You will discover how to body drag correctly and recover your board when necessary. You will also learn how to enter and exit the water safely and practice power strokes to feel the impulse that will make you stand up on the board the next day.

On your third day things will start to become interesting and the true experience will begin. You will start trying to stand up while fighting with the kite to keep it steady and going. This lesson is really tiring but when you ride for the first time you will feel like touching the sky!

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