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What to Look for in a Bed & Breakfast Dominican Republic

While some people love staying in large resorts with buffet lines, massive pools and tons of people, others like the more quaint and relaxed accommodations of a bed & breakfast. However, it’s tough to know what makes a good bed & breakfast or what is just a room in an inexpensive hotel to sleep in that also serves breakfast every morning. Below are some things to look for in a good bed & breakfast.


First, the rooms should be simple but have everything you basically need and the service should be prompt and specific. Quality bed & breakfasts also don’t have many rooms and have a kitchen with a chef who can make a number of different meals each day, to order, of high quality. There should not be a buffet, though there should be items available every day in a buffet style, like cereals, fruits, juices and pastries. Much of this should also be evident in reviews written online about the place.

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