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How to Identify a Good Yoga and Meditation Retreat

As yoga and meditation have become more popular in our culture and integrated into people’s everyday lives and both mindful and physical health, more and more people are taking vacations based around this lifestyle. While there is a whole garden vacation industry based around the yoga and meditation retreat, there are some important factors to consider when trying to identify the ones that are better than others.


First, is the destination where the yoga and meditation retreat is located in a place where you can relax and really center yourself, physically, emotionally and spiritually? If it’s not surrounded by nature, the answer is probably not. Second, how many people will be on each retreat? The fewer the better in most instances, so that you receive more time with instructors and fewer people to distract you from your own journey on this retreat. Finally, how long has the retreat existed and how experienced are those running it? The last thing you want are instructors or a place that doesn’t have their ducks in a row when it comes to logistics.

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