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Best Locations for Beach Retreats in the Dominican Republic

As it is situated on an island in the Caribbean Sea, the Dominican Republic has no shortage of beach retreats along its pristine sandy border. Here are some of the best beach retreat locations to target when looking for a specific resort our boutique hotel to spend a relaxing vacation.


Most of the best places for beach retreats are traditionally located on the eastern side of the island, near the city of Punta Cana, as this is where the largest and most luxurious resorts are located. However, there are numerous other great spots all along the northern coast as well which are less expensive and just as gorgeous and relaxing. Check out areas around Samana Bay like Las Galeras or farther north up the coast in towns like Puerto Plata or Cabarete, which are all a little more off the beaten tourist path. Regardless of where you choose, you will definitely find an amazing beach to call your own.

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