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What are the Famous Waterfalls in the Dominican Republic?

Not only does the Dominican Republic have incredible beaches, but it also has jungles with a number of notable waterfalls to swim beneath and relax beside. When in the DR, visiting one or all of these famous waterfalls breaks up going to the beach and creates a fun adventure and day trip that allows you to see more of the island.


The most famous waterfalls in the Dominican Republic are as follows: Salto El Limon, undoubtedly the most beautiful of the waterfalls, cascading down 50 meters of mossy banks. The pool below is perfect to swim in for the day. Salto Socoa has numerous beautiful pools around this waterfall, which makes it more of a swimming adventure. El Salto De La Jalda is the ideal waterfall for those who want to see the biggest one in DR, but also love to hike, as it takes nearly 4 hours to reach on foot, through mountainous jungle terrain

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