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What to Look for in a Family Retreat in the Dominican Republic

As most parents are well aware, vacationing with your family is expensive. Kids tend to almost double everything you do when it comes to cost and also limit what you can do while on vacation in many circumstances, as you have to either be minding them yourself, or finding someone to mind them while you get a small amount of time to yourself. That’s why when traveling to the Dominican Republic, it is important to choose a place for a family retreat that isn’t terribly expensive and also has plenty of activities conducive for parents and their kids alike.


Look for a resort with plenty of pools or easy access to the ocean, along with activities for kids or whole families. Some family retreat locations also offer youth-oriented programs that the kids can be in most of the day while the parents relax on their own. Also, try to find a place that has a number of different restaurants on-site so that the family doesn’t have to leave the resort or travel far to get a meal.

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