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What are the most common mistakes that beginner surfers make?

During your learning journey of surfing, there are a lot of mistakes being made when learning how to surf. The good thing about making mistakes is that in a long term is the best way how to get better in surfing by learning from them. In this post we will look into most common struggles that we see beginner surfer do.

If you happened to be new to the surf, you can see it’s not so easy to be effortlessly standing on your surfboard and catching your waves. Surfing is a lot of fun, but on the same hand, it can be a lot of things going on at once. From your laying position to wave selection till picking the right wave.

1 Choosing the wrong surfboard

As in all sport, when you are leaning the first steps, you have to be aware what is the right equipment for your current level. Soft top surfboards or also called foam-boards are one of the type of surfboard that are great for learning. Foam-boards are providing you with a lot of safety, eliminating from hurting yourself also the volume of the board it high, that allows easier paddling into waves and also easier pop up. When you are choosing your foam-board, you are looking for something in a range of 8-10 feet long, to provide you with a lot of support.

2 Choosing a wrong condition to practice in

One day you have an amazing session, everything is going perfect and next day you shove up at the beach, excited to make more progress and suddenly things don’t go your way. Condition in the ocean changing fast, your playground is changing, you can have beautiful shoulder high clean wave and next day you see the waves being overhead with stormy ocean. Thus for your fist time in the water you should aim to go out to the water with smaller waves, and if you already have some experience in the water, you can chose to go on even more challenging days, but you need to be aware of the risk factors as a current, for that you always want to talk with someone that know the surfing stop well and can give you some tips

3 Wrong technique

Practice doesn't make perfect, practice makes permanent. Developing as a surfer, wrong technique can play a role in creating bad habits for the future. Good thing about surfing schools, is that you get good understanding of fundamental of surfing techniques. What we teach before every lesson is 30 minute theory, to make sure you understand how to carry your board correctly, correct laying position, consistent way of standing up on your surfboard and correct posture when surfing waves. Those corrections can make your surfing experience way more pleasant and enjoyable!

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