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Tips for safe surfing

By understanding some of the basic surfing rules, and knowing how to orient in the ocean, you can prevent a lot of unnecessary accidents. Keep in mind the more time you spend in the water, the more comfortable and in control you will feel, by understanding a few tips that we put here, will make this process faster and also make surfing more fun!

Choosing the right beginner spot

This is one of the things that you can do even before you go to the water and it's to be sure that the beach that you are surfing will suit your current level. Before you head to the surf spot, you want to do a little bit of research or ask some locals on the beach about potential currents, shallow parts or any risk involved with surfing that spot and also be informed what surfing level it fits the best!

Surf in the conditions, that suits your level

A very important thing to keep in mind when heading to the beach: if you’re unsure of the conditions, don’t go out! If you go out in conditions that are too hard for your ability you may struggle to get back to the beach if anything happens, like if your leash breaks and you lose your board. So before you decide to paddle out, take 5-10 minutes to observe the spot, how fast the waves are breaking and how much size and power they seem to have.

Respect the line up

Once you are comfortable with the spot and the conditions on that day and you decide to paddle out, you have to understand who is having a priority to take the wave. Person that is sitting closer to the peak of the wave (the steepest part of the wave) will have the right to ride the wave. Understanding this tip, will prevent you dropping on someone and preventing any conflicts or injuries, especially when the waves get bigger. Before you pop up on the wave, look to the both sides, if there is someone by any chance that is perhaps sitting deeper than you and wants to take the same wave.

Learn how to fall correctly

Understanding how to fall is an important part of safety in surfing. If you are getting to a part, where the water gets more shallow, always fall on your back. Recommended thing to do is to cover your head with your arms, in case you are going to hit the ground.

Don't panic

The last tip, but also the most important one is: Don't panic. No matter how bad your wipeout is, you should always stay calm, relax and not try to fight anything. If you are getting hold under the water, by staying relaxed you will consume less energy as possible, so you always want to avoid panicking

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