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Exploring friendly vibes of Encuentro beach

Once you enter the beach, you will start noticing the friendly Caribbean atmosphere, surrounded by surfers, beginners catching their first wave, or even people enjoying their morning coffee on the beach. Encuentro by itself can be called as a typical surfing village, that you imagine from movies, with its conditions suitable for beginners but also for people that are having more years on their surfboards.

Why is it morning when you want to go to the beach?

During the morning is when all the action happens. Due to its low wind conditions in the morning is the perfect time of the day for all the surfers to show up. Most of the surf schools have most lessons during the morning, including Wave Soul for its ideal conditions. During November till March you can also experience some surf competitions that have increased in the past year, which can be nice to come and enjoy the competitive side of surfing.

Refreshments on the beach

After a long morning of surfing, you will always appreciate a fresh drink or some tasty snacks. At our school once a day comes a guy offering good quality juices from the local fruits and some sandwiches or also fresh coconuts. If you are more into grabbing a place, walking down the beach you will find places offering menu (Pura Vida Encuentro) and for coffee, you have nice cafés, where you can lay in the hammock or even do some work on your computer straight from the beach.


What if I want to learn how to surf, what does the lesson look like?

Encuentro is a great place to catch your first waves. When you come to our surf school, we start with a little guide of playa Encuentro for you to understand what is the best place to surf as a beginner. Then we follow up with giving you 30 minutes theory, where you will learn from how to lay on the board to standing up and riding the waves. After we practice and learn the theoretical side of surfing, we prepare the equipment, put on shoes and lycra and we are ready to head to the water, that’s when the real fun begins! Spending time practicing in the water takes 60 minutes and when you go out of the water, you will receive feedback. If you feel like surfing more, feel free to take your surfboard from your lesson and practice things from what you've been taught.

Swimming at the beach

If you want to cool yourself and take a swim in the ocean, try to find a place where people are not surfing. You will find few nice access into the ocean, but always be aware of the current if the waves happen to be too big and the reef bottom. Other than that, you can enjoy yourself in the warm ocean even without a surfboard under you

In summary Encuentro offers the authentic experience of a surf village, situated in the warm Caribbean waters. Welcoming people and places to go and for breakfast or morning coffee is what you will find, along the side of surf schools and surfers enjoying the joy of surfing!

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