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Buen Hombre Downwind

A lot of people that are visiting Cabarete for Kiting, are already pretty familiar with most of the kiting spots in Cabarete like Kitebeach, Rocon, La Boca, ect. Those places have great conditions for kiting but also a lot of people know about them, meaning you will not be the only one in the water. 

A lot of kiters are not seeking only the perfect conditions, but also want to experience an adventure which goes hand in hand with a place called Buen Hombre. Located 3 hours west of Cabarete, shallow waters and strong consistent wind, will make you want to visit this amazing spot. Besides great kite conditions, less than 10 km you have a stunning Paradise Island Cayo Arena with its turquoise waters and white sand, also amazing for snorkeling.

Our Trip to Buen Hombre

Getting to this spot can be a little tricky due to its remote location. 

One of our things what do, is organizing a Downwind trip for our clients:

  • leaving Cabarete 7am (pick up time), we drive to Buen Hombre (3 hrs)

  • We take a fisherman's boat from there to Paradise Island (Cayo Arena) where we snorkel. Also we will visiting beautiful mangroves

  • We set up the kites and downwind back to Buen Hombre (the boat follows us)

  • After we drive back Cabarete arriving 10-11pm


  • A picnic to eat in the car on the way there in the morning: sándwich and fruits

  • in cayo arena we have a drinks and fruits

  • after the downwind we eat lunch in Buen Hombre

Different levels

  • beginners on waterstart (private lesson from boat with radio hemet)

  • intermediate riders (supervision from boat with radio helmet)

  • renting a equipment is also a option

pricing range: $200 depends on kite level and number of clients that are joining the trip.

To book a trip or for more information, please contact us on:

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