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Best Tours Around Cabarete

What are the top tours, in the close to Cabarete and what to expect

If you are one of the travelers that doesn’t like to lay down at the pool and is seeking for some experience that will enrich your stay in the Caribbean, we got some tips and recommendations for tours that are definitely worth it!

  • Cola de Pato Canyoning

  • SUP River Tour Down the Yasica River

  • Horseback Riding Mountain & River Adventure

  • Surfing at playa Encuentro

Cola de Pato Canyoning

Canyoning at Cola de Pato is the best tour for travelers seeking some adventure

In an untouched nature, you will go through a valley in the river, where you will have various jumps ranging from  2 - 7 meters (6-22ft) into the river. During this tour you will also be walking along the valley where you can see the beautiful landscape of the countryside mountains, so we recommend wearing sneakers.

  • 50 minutes drive from Cabarete

  • Price around 85$ (including taxi, lunch, guide)

  • 6h duration 

  • 1-day prior organization required

Stand up paddle down the river

Stand up paddle tour is an ideal choice for travelers seeking something more relaxing. Going down the river Yasica, you will be taken away by the beauty of the nature surrounding the river. This tour is also ideal for families and also for couples. You will finish close to the river called La Boca and right next to the river you have a restaurant called Wilson where you can get the best sea food menu!

  • 20 minutes drive from Cabarete

  • Price 50$ per person

  • 3-5h duration 

  • 1-day prior organization required

Horseback Riding Mountain & River

Horseback riding is another activity that is suited for everyone. You will be going through the countryside, exploring the river and mountain along the side. You will be met with levels from 1-3 where first is a beginner/none too little riding experience, second is some to medium riding experience, up to the  last one with good riding experience.

  • 30 minutes drive from Cabarete

  • 4h duration

  • Prices around 60$ per person

  • 2-day prior organization required

Surfing lesson at Encuentro


Encuentro is a know as the best place for surfing in the Dominican republic and for its mellow conditions for a beginners. Surrounded in the beginner spot you will be one to one with your instructor for a 90 min long lesson. This experience is ideal for people that would like to try surfing for the first time or want to develop their current surfing skills. Ideal for kids up to adults.

  • 10 minutes drive from Cabarete

  • 2 hour duration

  • 50$ per person

  • 1-day prior organization required

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