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Pros and Cons of a Surf and Yoga Retreat

The surf and yoga retreat is a growing trend when it comes to vacations, focusing on two passions someone may have or passions ideal for a couples trip. And while it’s great to say you’re going on a surf and yoga retreat to all your friends in real life and on social media, there are pros and cons to this type of vacation, which you should be aware of before you go.


The pros are relatively obvious—you go to a beautiful location where there are ample amounts of yoga and surfing available, most likely great food and a lot to imbibe and maybe even some wonderful people to connect to. However, the cons are subtle but important. Surfing and yoga will be the primary activities if not the only ones. There is obviously freedom to do other things while you are on the retreat but you will probably be doing them alone. All of this is important to consider before paying for this type of vacation.

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