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Ultimate surfing guide for playa Encuentro

Beach Encuentro (located 6km from Cabarete) offers the best and most consistent conditions for surfing in the Dominican Republic. Encuentro is known for its great waves that are suitable for all kinds of surfers. Encuentro friendly atmosphere and warm water, will make your surfing experience something to remember. Depending on your surfing skills, you will have different spots to surf from Cocopipe to Derecha.

What is the best spot for me to surf?

Depending on your level of surfing, you want to make your decision for where to go. If you are a beginner, you will find welcoming white water on the inside of Bobo’s points, where most of the surf lessons take place. Bobo’s points also offer many peaks to surf in the line up for surfers that are ready to start surfing the green waves. Looking from the beach, on the right side of Bobo's points you have a wave called Cocopipe. That wave is known for its steep take offs and in the right conditions offering barrels. Cocopipe is a point break, and you have to be careful about its shallow sharp reef on the inside if you decide to surf that wave on a low tide. Going more to the left side you find Derecha, which is a beautiful right hand wave that offers some long right waves. That wave is a little bit more advanced and you will find local surfers surfing that wave.

Is there anything I need to be careful of?

As every beach, there are things that you need to be aware of before entering. The bottom of the ocean floor is a reef and from time to time you can spot a sea urchin, for that it’s better to put on your water shoes. Also when you are entering the water, the first 4 meters you have a rock that goes to the water stretching all the waves across the beach. For that, when you are walking on the rock, walk slowly to not slip and never ride the wave all the way to the shore, otherwise you are going to fall on the rock. The current is not anything extreme, but on days with bigger days you can notice strong current. That being said, if you are unsure of anything, don’t hesitate to ask people working at the surf schools who know the spot well for some info about the spot.

The best time for surfing in Encuentro

Surfing at Encuentro is possible all year around, but the surfing season starts from November till March. In that time of the year, Encuentro encounters north swells that are the best swells for surfing at this spot. During the summer you have beautiful small waves, ideal for beginners or long boarding. In the mornings is the time when you want to surf, from 7am till 11am the wind is the lowest, after 11am the wind starts to pick up and blows from the east 90% of the time, making it good wind direction for Kiting but not so much for surfing.

That being said, Encuentro can be perfect to learn how to surf or also a great place to practice your carving. Being in the warm water makes this experience more pleasant with the Caribbean atmosphere and friendly people around you, so come and try it for yourself!

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