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Best places to visit - Samaná peninsula

Place where palm forest meets the golden sandy beaches, with turquoise water. Peninsula Samaná is one of the most untouched nature zones of the entire country, with plenty of amazing beaches to explore.


In this post, we will look at the best places to visit on your travel adventure to Caribbean, what are the towns to visit and beaches to explore and activities to do!

Las Terrenas

Las Terrenas is one of the most touristic towns at Samaná, you will find plenty of restaurants, beautiful accommodations and its great option if you are looking for a night life. Its main charm is in incredible beaches that are located close to the town, one of them being Playa Bonita where you can surf. We recommend checking Pirata Surf School for surfing and accommodation and a 15 mins ride from the center of Las Terrenas you can visit beautiful Playa Cosón.

Playa Cosón

where the river meets the ocean


The town of Samana is an important tourism destination, and is the main center for whale-watching tours in the Caribbean, the whale watching season begins around the middle of January and ends in late March. Looking for a place to stay, we recommend a place called Hacienda Cocuyo with its unique location in the nature and also offering a trip by sailing boat to Parque nacional Los Haitises.

From Samana you can visit stunning beach Playa El Valle (20min, by car) and from there take a fisherman's boat to Playa Ermitaño.

El Valle

long coast of beach, stretching through empty beach

Las Galeras

Heading to the end of the Samaná peninsula, we have a little town of Las Galeras. In recent years Las Galeras has been a popular destination for backpackers and travelers in general due to its remote beaches and the possibility of camping and hiking. From Las Galeras to Playa Fronton and Madama you have boat tours that are available from the Las Galeras main beach Playa Grande with Madama Beach and Fronton Beach also being big hiking destinations.

trip by sailing boat to Parque nacional Los Haitises


That being said, the Samaná peninsula has many beautiful places to offer, especially when it comes to nature and empty beaches covered with palm trees. Ideal way can be renting a car, so you can explore all of those beaches on your own, and spend as much time as possible exploring one of the parts of the Dominican Republic and making memorable experiences.

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